Tropical Brainstorm

Somewhere beneath the tropic stars
Flying through the velvet night
Knifing through the sparkling sea
A totally vigilant mind keeps watch
In a desperately tired body

Somewhere between the courageous past
And the amazing future
You break all the rules
And win!

The crew of a champion tea clipper
Slipped a little out of time
From the salt spume past
Rub their eyes in disbelief
As the strange sails
And far stranger hulls
Pass a league or two away in the moonlight
At speeds their bravest craft
Could never match

The astro-cadets tracking you
One day, centuries ahead
On their laser holograms
Reconstructed from your DVD
Are amused by your ancient wind technology.

But they are totally amazed
At your endless stamina
And tireless vigilance
- the equivalent of running
Far over a thousand marathons
Sailing nine thousand leagues
And doing all this Alone?
What woman is this?

So, 21st century goddess of the sea,
I send you deep respect
From a sailor land-bound many years
And once a soldier of rare stamina.

So for these final days
Dear unmet friend
I wish you peace, Godspeed, safe landfall
And the ultimate tribute
- Who dares wins!

Yours in friendship
Afon Claerwen,
2 February 2005

Tribute to Ellen Macarthur's record solo voyage around the world.

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