Listening with the Trolls

We are drawn together Soria Maria theme
as friends
to the top
of the mountain.

We are not gods
but perhaps
we are guests
of the gods.

The water of life
flows unseen
through the trees
deep calm in the mists
stillness surrounds
the gentle rocks.

Perhaps it is time
to stop talking
and listen
to the river
and the birds
and silence
of the city
beneath our feet
lost in the fog.

Why were we called here?
Why did our paths cross today?
Each past is unique
each future journey
will be different
maybe dangerous

Maybe sometimes
our paths will cross
or sometimes
we may travel
a short way together.

We bring our songs
and our stories
news of the world
our dreams
our nightmares.

We share
and in the sharing
we concentrate
the Light
in us
and around us.

We look with love
and concern
at the trees.
They feed us.

We think with love
and concern
for the people
we cannot see
in the city
below us
in the lands
beyond the mountains
and across the sea.

we are messengers?
Do we bring the message
or do we still seek it?

Perhaps we are just a little
like the shepherds
and kings
and warriors
and parents
and children
and priests
who have all stood
on this rock before
and who will stand
on it again
for many generations
yet to come
- but only
if we find
a little
of the dreams.

if we listen
to the gods
in the trees
and within
each one of us
perhaps our lives
will be a little better
for sharing
this rock

in the dark hours
the long nights
the storms
the nightmares
we will remember
this place
and each other's eyes
and smiles.
as the sun
slowly melts
the mists
of the future
all around us

even the trolls
can live again
woken by
our happy feet

Perhaps the kingdom
will come again
for every generation.

Afon Clearwen
30 September 2000,

Soria Moria, Oslo
Tribute to friends at the IFOH Conference in Oslo
(International Forum for Organisational Health)