Mystery Glow

As I turn the road
the May sun lights
the trees and fields
with gold
and memories of love
and loss
stir a deeper
mystery glow.

It was 32 years ago
in the woods
beyond the low hill
that you melted
into the river of peace
time beyond time.

How wonderful

your memory grows
outer calm
of a divided mind
beauty unreachable
by man or growing boy
inside your world
of silence and beauty
words written not spoken
your going
quiet, unannounced
to anyone
except the birds
that sang you on your way
through the shady woods
of early May
to your final resting place

Spirit of poetry
nymph of the forest

You touched my heart
and you still do
in the May sun
in the afternoon breeze

child of the forest
glow on
and spread your love
across this fragile world
in peace

I will never give up on you.

Afon, 1st May 1999

Tribute to Loraine who chose
to leave this world on 8th May 1967
in a forest near the sea.