Da Felice

All along the path
the Guides hold torches
to light the Way
The Messenger
tired but happy
on this lonely quest
is now many times blessed.

Alone but not alone
at every turn
from the Citadel
Of many lands
to this exquisite moment.

The Italian family
offers every treasure
from their kitchen of delights
- olives and artichokes
mushrooms and cheese
rarest meats and sauces
every bite different
teasing my tongue
like a young lover
whispering in my ear
and running her fingers
through my hair...

Is this tratoria
or Heaven?

The message of doom
delivered at last
to those who understand
and care
Cast on the electronic wind
to be tired and tested
in different lands
before it returns
like a hurricane
that may sweep
mighty powers
from the towers
where they curse
our sacred fragile world.

The message?
Just a quest for truth
The mission?
a flaming sword of justice
for legions of broken lives
in poisoned lands.
This moment?
(ah, just now).

Afon Claerwen
Oct 2002, Brussels

© Afon Claerwen 2002


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