Child among the Yews

I bring my love
to yew my oldest friends
Its old and broken
a little unwanted

But if yew can use it
drink well at its cup
Feed your leaves
on its lost radiance

And if there's anything
left over
just keep it somewhere safe
until the next journey
or for the next pilgrim
that passes

And if yew can heal it
hang it on a high branch
to lighten your dark nights
and grey winter days.

Heart thus safely guarded
and the old path
now overgrown
by brambles
the Way has moved a little
from the Yews
- between two oaks
not met before
over the softest leaves
and through
the dappled sunlit glade

An easier path
to and from
this sacred place

Afon 20 June 2002

page updated 23 Nov 2003

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