World full of Fear

uranium bombs in Baghdad? March 2003 Chris Busby (c) 2005
Words Afon Claerwen © 2003. Print PDF. Sung and arranged by Chris Busby 2005 Listen MP3

We say NO George Bush
We know you are wrong.
Don't play with your guns.
Don't play with your bombs.
Can't you hear our world crying?
Can't you see all the tears?
- in a world that is dying,
in a world full of fear.

We say NO Tony Blair.
Do you live in a dream?
Can't you hear all the cries?
Can't you hear all the screams
of the mothers and children,
the babies unborn,
still dying from your last three
American wars?

We say NO Saddam Hussein.
Are you father or fiend?
Does your pride mean so much
more than your dreams?
When the world offers peace
you lie and deceive,
starving your children,
your hate a disease.

Half the world is now starving
Half the world is in pain.
Children dying of thirst.
Others drowned in the rain.
A climate unstable,
poison rays from the sun.
But Rumsfeld and Bush
Think of oil and bombs.

You've stolen the oil
You've poisoned the land
You've tortured the heroes
and made them the damned
You've trained up the tyrants
And sold them the guns
And you tell us that peace
Is made with your bombs?

We want you to know,
want you to be clear.
We need no more bombs
in a world full of fear.
In the balance of terror
we don't need any more.
This is time to make peace
not the time to make war

When you wake in the morning
and send off your bombs,
when you see the sun rising
and blast away homes,
when you add to the nightmare,
the fear and the pain,
are you really no better
than Saddam Hussein?

With your missiles and bombs
you want us to believe,
that the way to the future
is through causing more grief.
Can't you see that your power
Has made make you insane?
Are you really no different
from Saddam Hussein?

For ten years and more
you've bombed broken Iraq
Belgrade and Kabul
Were more screams in the dark
Uranium bombs
Have poisoned their lands
Dictators live on
while the people are damned.

Its time for a change
in this world full of fear.
Time for the love
that will dry all the tears.
Time for the light.
Time for the dawn.
Hope for the children.
A peace to be won!

Afon Claerwen
25 January 2003, adapted from earlier versions
for Iraq and the Balkans, Nov 98 & April 99.

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