Peace Rising

It's time for the Rising.
The time for peace to come

Somewhere in the world
it's always dawn

Somewhere in the world
new hope is born

Somewhere in the world
the darkness dies

Somewhere in the world
a smile buries lies

Somewhere in the world
the time has come

For all across the world
we greet the rising of the Sun

Somewhere in the world
it's time to end the night

Somewhere in the world
it's time for the Rising of the Light

Somewhere in the world
truth will return

Somewhere in the world
the ending of the bombs

Somewhere in the world
a child picks a flower

Somewhere in the world
a tyrant gives up power

Somewhere in the world
the tide has turned

All across the world
the time for peace has come


So kiss a gun today
and bury it in the sand

So hug a soldier
and let his children smile

So sing away the chains
and love away the bombs

So free the prisoners of truth
and melt the wings of power

So call a friend in every land
and give them back their dreams


It's time for the waking up
The shaking up
The breaking up
The making up

It's time to change
every President of Hate
and every thief of freedom
every General of fear
and every maker of bombs
every breaker of dreams
and every seller of hate


Its time at last
for the People's time
- the Age of Peace -
to come.

And if the madness
defies the Light
burning our beautiful world
with its poison bombs
at least
let the peace start here

How is it
that the rising wind of war
fans the embers of fear
into flames of anger
in every heart
only a curse away
from the violence of hate?

What is this anger for peace
that mirrors the ice calm rage
of those we pay
to do our killing for us?

I guess the peace must start
inside my angry heart.

Can I yet find and light
my lost candle of peace
to shine again tonight
and every night?
A candle of hope
to warm my shadows
and calm my deepest fears
ready greet the final dawn
with a laugh and a song
for this fantastic liberation!


NEVER give up the dream!
Peace will come again
- if we want it to,
- if we invite it in.
Peace like a waterfall
from the river of life
pouring through a crack
in the cliffs of time
until the burning desert
of our raging world
is richly carpeted
with the greenest grass
and the whitest flowers
one for every child
that has died
and that will return
as angels in the dawn

We need no more armies
We need no more guns
Because in this rising
the People's Ppeace
will rule supreme.

And if by chance
the gods of every tribe
should dare to return
let them hold their heads
in shame
for all the graves dug
in their names

Let them drink tea together
in the rising dawn
Bid them give up their claims
on hearts and minds
Humble their rage
before the forgiveness
in a dying child's eyes.

No true god
Takes anyone's side.

It's time
to banish the gods of war
from every land
No more than dogs of war
stealing the bones
from the children's graves

Only a god of peace
deserves the name
One that has been with us
inside not out
since the dawn of time
but one who only comes
when called

The power for war and peace
is in us all

If we all say no
there cannot be a war.


On the eve of another war - 14 March 2003


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