Howl and echo for peace

- stop killing
-- stop bombing
--- stop genocide
---- stop violence
----- stop the nightmares

You and I and they
dump on each other
horror on horror
day by day

No words as foul
as this cruel reality.

Hush my Friend.
Breathe in slow

It’s cooler now
Here’s a sip
of clean water
for your fear-dry mouth
and bitten lips

Forget the blame
Ignore the pain
Go inside your fear
Spiral down
like a falling leaf
into the calmer places

Grass among the leaves
cool caves in the desert hills
woodsmoke in a clearing among the trees
sun shining on golden green moss
the flowers of the forest in the spring
fragile petals of ivory and green
drifts of bluebells between aged oaks
water, clear as crystal, bubbling among the rocks

May all of these things caress your soul
timeless spirit of peace
drives out the madness of men
in the raging panic of fear
running scared, frightened footsteps
through the dark, wet, freezing streets

Even in the hour of death
the lady in white
drifts like a swan
feet over stone
touches your fevered mind
with a kiss like a feather
and hands you your soul
in a small, soft blue candle
with a scent of mystery.


It was there all the time
before you were born
every step of the journey
unseen beacon in the storm

Anchor of silver
on a chain of gossamer
holding your tumbling ship
in the storm
to the firm granite
a hundred fathoms below

And thus
at the edge of despair
tidal wave poised a hundred feet
above your terrified mind
your world shifts
swift as the passing shadow of a cloud
- into perfect peace

Time beyond time
by life or death
lifted on the wings of the dove
lightly - into the shining of peace.

These fleeting thoughts
I write for your
wherever you may be
on the edge of your cliff
facing the barrel of a gun
standing naked by your grave
madness in the eyes of those around you
madness in the minds of those who fought you
madness in the dreams of those who thought
they could control you


And all the time
you, you, you
are as free as bird
on the wings of paradise.

Fly now
into this world or the next.

Fly now, free of pain and fear
Fly now, lift your broken wings
healed by your dreams

New life flows into my mind
and into yours

New energy, calm and clean
flows through our veins
sweet as a sacred oil
into our hands
bringing the healing touch
to our gentle fingers

Lift and caress
my hair and yours
like lovers time out of time
between moments of fear

Lift and caress
frightened minds
as a parent holds a child
in tender love

Sleep now
peace is all around you
safe in the arms of eternity.

No matter how dark
this night of the soul
The dawn is coming
liberation in the light
from life or fear

Each of us held
sweet as a flower
in the eternal dawn of hope.


Afon Claerwen
29 March 1999

(First written for the martyrs of Kosovo, their killers and politicians on all sides
of the war.
Now offered for the people of Palestine
and Israel and perhaps in any war
24 December 2000)

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