Grey Warriors of peace against the war

Greetings from around the world !
We link our minds
as once we linked our hands

We share our thoughts
as once we shared our last bullets
or our first prayers and kisses

We shine, oh yes we shine
Death so near
we fear no pain

We speak, oh yes we speak
unfettered now our minds and tongues
free of the fears
that once controlled our lives

We sing, in our hearts
one growing chorus
in a richer harmony

We see a thousand miles
through each others’ eyes
We see farther than any hawk or satellite

We fly because we are free
We challenge every shadow
with a brighter Light

We seek the Truth
and share it eagerly
No lie unchallenged now

Our fingers dance when once our feet did
scampering with joy and fire
over the keys of our mind machines

We laugh, oh yes
and how we laugh, together at last
in friendship beyond all our separations

We rise together in every land
around the world stronger than any army
We are the grey warriors of peace

Do not tremble men of power
We mean no harm because we come in peace
But understand you are no longer supreme

We are the older young
But every bit as strong
in our new found wisdom

We care, because we always did
But we are learning better how to share
our love without the cruder passion

We come to share
the healing that is growing
in our minds

We listen where once we shouted
We have learned to fashion youthful anger
into the keener tasks of action

We spin around your poisonous bombs
the scent of flowers in the spring
a mighty web of peace

We are the new age
Old grown young before our time
Because OUR time has come for you

We have no limits
of wealth, or health, or role, or power
because we have learned to need none

We are the grey column, fifth column,
subversive beyond your wildest dreams
or the war technology of younger,
twisted minds.

We come, grey army of the light
rising like the dawn sun through the smoke
of the ruins you are making of our world.

STOP! - we ask you silently
You have gone the last inch too far
Your time has gone
and ours has come again.

Hold every gun and bomb
Freeze every plane upon the ground
Your weapons of hate are useless now

And when you are ready
Re-tune your minds to understand
the calmer ways of peace

We will be waiting for you
waiting with the broken children
and the bereaved
to welcome you back
- to real life.

Afon Claerwen,
12 May 1999 - Balkans War


For Katherine and Glynne, Alex and Doug, Dennis, Grayham and Bob, Alan and John and Janet and Tony Benn ... and many, many more who have joined our minds in a few short weeks to find a better way than war.

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