Out of the Dark

Extracts from early poems 1966-67

My 21st year was a time for new friends mixed with mystery and trauma at the loss or death of old ones.

I revisit these memories in gratitude to the new mentors who set me back on my feet that year, and to Fran, Margaret, Cam and Lorraine who led me to paths that can only be felt, not seen. These paths of love, beauty, compassion or inspiration are only a thought away even in nightmares.

I last met Cam for a minute in November 1966 among the wild oaks, deep in the mountains beside the Elan reservoirs in Mid-Wales. Two young, ultrafit shadows learning to be lethal - out of character for both of us, and nearly out of time for Cam who died a week later. It was a sacred place - beside the river (Afon Claerwen) that has flowed through my pen ever since, occasionally tracing gold among the ashes.

Afon Clearwen, 23 February 2000


Ah ha    
Dark night    
He, he! I see-e-e    
Hay wain    
All things fall    

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