He, he! I see-e-e-e 18 April 1967

Thirteen thousand satin tampax
Glide mysteriously through
The blood red dusk.
Wishing soberly that I
Was canned, I drank my
14th pint in one and

laughing hysterically, heels
Kicking in the air
Drew ten red rainbows
Round a pair of tatty drawers.
Without hesitation I can truly
Say that haremís should be
Legalised. Synthetic latex

should also be available to
All males over 10.

Paper in womenís toilets
Should be free
And electric cucumbers available

(chained) at 6d for 5 minutes.

Meanwhile in the "dont splash your (Saxone) shoes"
Glass fronted loo in The Island

27 company directors are soiling
Their Austin Reed sailing slacks.

Ha, ha!