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Humans do not understand molesMole as hero or terrorist?
Moles do not understand humans

Where there is no understanding
there is misunderstanding
often leading to conflict.

So for centuries
men have waged war
on moles

And moles
have raised havoc
in human gardens

In September 2001
a mole appeared in the garden.
Just a little pile of earth in the grass.

KILL - the first reaction of humans
to invasion
and of gardeners to moles.

The spade hovered
ready for the kill ..

I am a peace person.
How can I talk of peace
if I kill moles?

So the spade moved its target
to dig out the furry friend

A minute later
a very large hole
and no mole.

Insight 1:
This is a cave dweller
an expert
in attack, escape and evasion
Bin Laden?

Insight 2:
He's gone
"Arrest bin Laden if you can
don't kill him"

I don't think you will catch
the real bin Laden Mr Bush.
Neither will I !


Within a few days
bin Laden the mole
dug underground bunkers
all under the new lawn
with mountains of earth
on the top.

What price peace?
Love your enemy
mmm ..
OK, I'll try

Love your enemy & be nice to moles

But peace can be a problem
So can moles
Arrest bin Laden
Don't kill him

Mole repatriation system

But this didn't work either.

By Christmas
the garden
was still decorated with mole hills

Live and let live
So we put decorations
on the mole hills

Christmas: peace on earth, goodwill to moles

Perhaps it worked.
For 6 months no more mole hills.
Is that a record?

Perhaps co-existence, peace and reconciliation will come when gardners learn to love our moles!