It's been a long night
Working till the first

But not alone
High in the pale blue sky
A tired plane
Sweeps slowly down
From 10,000 miles
And half a world away
Aching like me
For coffee and bed.

But my eyes
Are spellbound wide
In the magic
Of the young day

A happy commotion
Of birds in every tree
Half silhouetted
Before sunrise
- my dawn

While the world sleeps
Sneezing the sleep
Out of my eyes
Another tired plane
Lights still sparkling
From the retreating night

Family and friends
All fast asleep
In their warm cozy beds
Not time to wake yet
But time enough to cast last dreams
To delight their sleeping minds

The promise
Of the new day
Already mine
Then yours to share
In an hour or two

And with a smile
I blow you kisses
Carried safely
By my singing friends
The birds -
Sweet dreams

And time for me
to say Goodnight!

Afon Clearwen
3rd May 2002

Echo of dawn

And as I typed the words above
Written in pencil yesterday
To the hour
A Nightingale
Or one as sweet
Starts to sing
outside my window
just like the night and dawn before!

Afon Clearwen,
4.45 am, 4th May 2002


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