April morning

The birds are talking
their urgent calls returned
by other feathered friends
on this sun drenched
April morning.

Precious escape
half an hour to lose
while my horse is re-shoed
sitting on the wooden bench
by the lazy canal
the sun soaking warm
through my old clothes.

My tow-path haven
just yards from the lock
and the busy bridge
trucks and cars
to and fro
two builders on a roof
proud parents with a new baby
and a lovely lady walking slowly
with a bunch of flowers
sadness in her face.

And the blackbirds
chinking in panic
at a passing cat.
A busy morning
all around me.
but the canal and I
are not going anywhere today.

A light warm breeze
ruffles the water
The sun almost noon-bright
The blue sky
clean as spring
alive with promise
an azure heaven
to the golden dandelions and daffodils
and the rich green life
flowing into every
plant and leaf and blade of grass.

Blue green and gold
warm and clean
reflected in the still water
of a stolen
April morning.

Afon Claerwen
4 April 2003, St John's bridge

© Afon Claerwen 2003


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