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Afon Claerwen

Afon Clearwen
Places & spaces  

Some things are not easy to say
in the usual way
Some things are not easy to write
or to speak of

Out of the Dark

Welsh waterfall (c) Afon

Some things are too beautiful
for everyday language to convey
Some things are too dark


Afon is not a person
but an inner voice
connected somewhere out of time
a friend when others are far away


extract, copyright Soria Maria Oslo

Afon is not he or she or it
- just a deeper part of me
that has shared the same journey
for many years
and who will still wander
the mountains, forests and rivers
when our present path is done.



Grandpa Yew, Surrey (c) Afon
and some precious moments when we glimpse our dreams Dreams Carnzu
enjoy !
.... Afon


Moles (c) Afon


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